Google+ Cave Food Kitchen: Mozza meatballs

Mozza meatballs

On Sundays I usually try to cook something to bring for lunch in the week, and this time I wanted to try meatballs again. But with a little twist, a mozzarella filling.

500 grams of ground beef
30 mozzarella balls
1 egg
spices: this is where you can get creative, 
but I often use about 2 tsp cumin, chilli pepper, salt, dried chives and some garlic powder.

Mix the beef thoroughly with the egg & spices. Then take a small bit of beef, press a little dimple, put the mozzarella ball in and roll in the palm of your hands until the mozzarella is covered in beef.
Bake in the oven at 180C (350F) for about 30 mins. The mozzarella will drip out a bit, but no worries.