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Product review: Rawtella

No matter what people say about living a healthier lifestyle, and that they are sooo much better off without all those bad food habits they left behind, there are always a few things you'll miss simply because they just taste good. For some that could be the occasional breadroll, for others it might be the frothy cappuccino, for me, it's chocolate. I love the stuff and even though a piece of dark chocolate is not going to be that bad, there are lots of other chocolate variations that are just plain bad for you. Like Ben & Jerry's. Or Nutella.

Like in a previous post, I can't believe marketeers actually thought is was a good idead to market Nutella as a perfect food to feed children in the morning together with a glass of milk. Really? Like, really???
Feed your kids a shitload of sugar and see what happens, good luck with that!

Ok, enough with the rant, because I'm about to admit that Nutella tastes pretty amazing, but it's not something I really miss or crave. But when I heard about a product called Rawtella, I have to admit I got curious to say the least.
Finally was able to get my hands on a jar, and of course couldn't wait to try it.
Obviously, if your product name and logo is pretty much the same as Nutella, you can't help but comparing the 2.
Rawtella (about $13.99 per 6 oz. jar) is definitely more solid, so spreading it on something is actually a bit difficult.

It has 3 ingredients:
- raw hazelnuts
- raw cacao nibs
- coconut sugar

Nutella (about $5 per 13 oz. jar) is more creamy, so spreads more evenly (and spoons better)
It has 8 ingredients:
- sugar
- palm oil
- hazelnuts
- cocoa
- skim milk
- reduced-minerals whey
- soy lecithin
- vanillin

Nutella has a more sweeter taste, which makes sense, since it contains more sugar, and the reason why it spreads better is because of the palm oil and soy lecithin.
Unfortunately after sampling the Rawtella, I immediately noticed an allergic reaction in my mouth to the hazelnuts (itchy and a bit swollen)
Nutella doesn't bother me personally as much (again prob because of the additional ingredients)

The verdict?
You might say the comparison is a bit unfair, but again, if you name a product in such a way, it's to be expected.
If you really like chocolate spreads so much, my advice is 2-fold;
- either relax a bit and dig into the Nutella every now and then (it won't kill you, I promise)
- make your own (and save some serious $$)
Paying $14 for such a tiny jar is just ridiculous (so yes, I'm ridiculous)

To make your own:

- 4 tbsp almond butter
- 2 tbsp coconut oil, melted
- 2 tbsp cocoa powder
- 1 tbsp coconut nectar (or to taste)

Mix well, done.

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