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19 Days of Whole30: Day 2

With day 1 tucked away, we are ready to move forward! And since shakshuka has become a popular dish at home, today on our public holiday, I had enough time to make it.

This kept us full for quite a while, so meal 2 was a late one and was the left-over stir fry from last night, mixed with some crab meat and served on a Pure Wrap. I had 2, they were awesome.

Last meal was another favorite: salmon burgers on top of zucchini & carrot noodles. Simple, yet so much flavor!

To make the burgers: (4)

2 cans of wild red salmon, drained
2 tbsp coconut flour
3 eggs
shredded coconut

Mix the salmon well with 2 eggs and the coconut flour, add any spice you like (in my case cayenne pepper)
Form into 4 patties. Grab 2 shallow bowls, shredded coconut in 1, whisked egg in the other.
First cover the patties in egg, then cover in shredded coconut.
Cook in coconut oil until brown on both sides.



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