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5 Most overrated/overused Paleo foods

Before I start my rant, I should make sure you know this is a personal opinion, and that nothing with regards to Paleo is set in stone (no pun intended), no matter what people say. Paleo is formost an interpretation of a diet, that has gone (is still is going) through a lot of changes since the first time it was documented by Walter Voegtlin.
The idea for this post came up quite a while ago, but I never got to writing it, but it was triggered again when I saw some of the items on (my) list pop up here and there.
Just because a food is labeled paleo, doesn't make it neccessarily healthy or ok to eat all the time, every time. You see it happen a lot as well with organic foods, that are immediately marketed (or viewed) as healthy & better for you. It's an easy assumption to make, but let's face it; organic sugar is still, well, sugar. (Ok, you get my point.)

1) Almond Flour

Most often used to replicate non-paleo foods, such as cakes, cookies, breads and so on, almond flour is essentially just ground almonds. The thing is, that it doesn't look like almonds anymore, and that's where our mind start to do funny things. Let's look at the nutritional data:

To give you an idea, a 1/4 cup almond flour is about 23 whole almonds. But most recipes usually require  a cup or even more, and that's a lot of almonds.

On top of that, almonds contain quite a bit of omega 6 or PUFA's, something we try to avoid as much a possible in these omega 6-loaden times.

Exposing almonds to a high heat just isn't a good idea, the oils will oxidize quickly. Oxidized oil means free radicals. Something you don't want.

2) Bacon
Bacon might be that last card you can use to pull your non-paleo friends into the paleo circle, but let's say it once and for all: paleo doesn't mean bacon. Yes, bacon could be paleo, but you'll have to look for it. Well, perhaps even with a magnifying glass. About 98% of the bacon out there is full of nitrates, sugars, antibiotics & additives. And funny pictures like this have nothing to do with paleo either. If you can find a source for bacon that is organic and pastured like here, go for it. But use your brain.

3) Honey
Yes, honey is a natural product, but the bottom line is that it's still a type of sugar. Studies have shown that honey does have a different effect than sucrose, but in the end it is still a sweetener, and if you already have trouble with a sweet tooth, you just don't want to encourage it even more.
If you do decide to use honey, opt for the darker kind.

4) Chia seeds
Since chia seeds were labeled as a super food, they are everywhere; smoothies, gels, puddings, energy bars, you name it. Not sure when it all began, but somewhere between the research Wayne Coates started and the book "Born to Run", the chia mania really kicked in. Now, they do have health benefits (they contain fiber for example) but apparently the omega 3 claims are not all that suitable for humans. What concerns me most about things like this, is somehow the Western world finds out about a super food, it gets blown up to extreme. Suddenly, it's in everything and eaten everyday. Sure, have them, but take it easy folks.

5) Dates (dried fruits)
Dates are sweet and sticky, making them perfect for all sorts of sweets, bars, cakes; pick your poison.
However, they contain a ton of sugar, and are easy to overeat. There are a lot of varieties, but usually you'll find either regular dates or medjool dates. The difference is that the medjool dates are larger, thus contain more sugar as well. A regular date weighs about 7-8 grams (I tested it):

For example, a miniature Kit Kat contains 5 grams of sugar.

The danger with any dried fruit, is that they are like 3 times smaller than their original size, making them easily to overeat, sneaking into your eating habits like little sugar intruders in paleo disguise.

a fresh date

What's your take on this? Feel free to leave your input below!

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