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Brussels Sprouts and Red onion

The simple things are sometimes what have the best effect, and for a while now, I've rekindled my love for Brussels sprouts.
Don't know about you, but as a child, having Brussels sprouts was a worse punishment then being grounded. Although being grounded AND having to eat Brussels sprouts was pretty much the worst that could happen in your life. Ever.

Anyway, the are more ways to cook Brussels sprouts other than cooking them into a green mush, and it's just as easy. All you need is an oven and about 10 mins of prep time.

500 grams (about 1lb) of Brussels sprouts
3 whole chillies
2-3 small red onions
a small chorizo sausage (or large ;-))
salt & pepper
coconut oil

Heat the oven to 180C (350F)
Wash the sprouts, stem them and if needed, peel the outer peel off. Cut them in halves.
Slice up the onion, chillies & chorizo. In a shallow baking dish, melt some coconut oil and add in all the ingredients, adding some salt & pepper to taste. Mix it wll, so that it's all covered in oil.
Bake in the oven for a bout 20 mins, stirring every now and then. Enjoy.

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