Google+ Cave Food Kitchen: Celeriac, the Ugly but Tasty vegetable

Celeriac, the Ugly but Tasty vegetable

It was a race between the volleyball and the celeriac, for the part in Castaway, but it was a close one!
Unfortunately, the celeriac often doesn't get the credit it deserves, a real shame.

Now with the winter on it's way for most of us, the celeriac is a wonderful, tasty vegetable to add to flavor your meals. It is also a great substitute for potato, especially for those looking to reduce carbs or simply being paleo without potatoes.
Roast it, mash it up or add it to soups, there are endless options.
Below, I've linked to 3 favorites that were a big hit in our household last winter, and will for sure be made again this winter!

Boerenkool Stamppot (Kale Mash)

Brussels Sprouts Mash-up

Green Endives Mash-up

The celeriac will never win a beauty pageant, but it's a winner in the kitchen!

Do you have a favorite way to cook with celeriac? Please share!

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