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A week of Bulletproof Coffee

A little while ago, I posted a review on Bulletproof Coffee, testing it one morning with positive results.
A lot of people swear by it, starting their mornings every day with a BPC, so I thought it was time to try this for a week (mon-fri) and see if it makes any significant difference. The main recipe for the BPC will be the same every day:

30 grams of grass-fed butter
1 tbsp of XCT oil.
30 grams of coffee

I will only add different flavorings every now and then. The recipe above will make about 13 oz. of coffee.

Day 1 - Monday
This day was the start of the Bulletproof experiment and I was looking forward to it. To make things easier in the morning, I already cut 5 chunks of butter and put them in a container, so that saves a little time in the morning.

Today's BPC was a pumpkin spice flavored one, made it with the Clever drip. The time when I have my BPC is between 6.45-7.30am, before I head to work by bike (10K) Felt good and energized, almost a bit jittery, but not too bad. The warnings about XCT oil were that it can have a laxative effect, and I can confirm this without going into much detail... By 10.30 I started to get hungy, and by noon I was ready for lunch. Expected to feel more satiated for longer, but maybe it's just in the beginning.

Day 2 - Tuesday
Got up a bit later, so had BPC at about 7.30-8am. Today I mixed in a tsp of cocoa powder and a little bit of vanilla powder. In a separate glass I tried a little bit with stevia, but I still find stevia horrible. Same thing like day 1, by 10.30 my stomach was rumbling. This could be for 2 reasons: 1) I drink the BPC too fast 2) I should add more fat. Will investigate reason 1 first and bring the BPC on my way to work in a thermos.

Day 3 - Wednesday
So made another BPC with cocoa powder & vanilla (really good!) and sipped it while getting ready. Left the rest in a thermos to take to work. Had the rest of the coffee until about 9am, but unfortunately it got cold rather quick. This could also be because I take it on the 10K bike ride in about 5 degrees Celsius. Had lunch at 12.30, but was ready for that again.

Day 4 - Thursday
This is one of my days off, and I had an appointment in the morning, so had my BPC before 9am. Ran some errands afterwards and by noon had a small snack. Had lunch a bit later, about 2pm.

Day 5 - Friday
Another day off, and got up a bit later than usual, at 9am. Made BPC again with cocoa powder and vanilla, but also added 1 tsp of erythritol (my favorite sweetener) Erythritol is in my opinion, by far the best tasting natural sweetener out there, and if you hate stevia as much as me, this is a great alternative. Added a little bit more MCT oil this time.
Decided to do a work-out, so had Amino 1 mixed with beta-alanine & citrulline malate, but no food. Got through the work-out really well, and had a protein shake at 2pm. Wasn't hungry at all the whole time.

Although I did miss my eggs in the morning, I must say I was quite pleased with the results. Going through about 16 hours a day in some type of fasted state can be very refreshing and make you feel quite energized and clear. A few moments I did experience a bit of jitteriness, but it didn't bother me.
Tried to follow the below template as much as possible, although I had my first meal of the day a bit earlier, and the time of having the coffee was shorter. Also, I had no fruit at all this week.

Some tips:
- MCT oil can have a laxative effect, so start with small servings, like a teaspoon.
- add your own flavorings, like cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, etc.
- if you are very sensitive to dairy, use ghee instead of butter.
- use various ways to make the coffee, like with an aeropress.
- add in some coconut cream for extra creaminess.

So, give Bulletproof coffee a try, either purchase the products through the Upgraded Self website, or get the equivalent at a store near you or on Amazon.

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