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Split Pea Soup

My traditional Dutch cookbook

Peas? You might wonder, but they aren't Paleo? Well, to be fair, there isn't an official Paleo Law (although some might think they are the enforcers) Personally, I'd like to view things in a bit of a different light, where not all legumes are bad, or all dairy is out of the question. Even when it comes to starchy foods, you can always choose between a bad and "lesser bad" option.
Mark Sisson wrote a great article on this, where he nails it perfectly in my opinion. Worth the read.

It's becoming wintertime here, and with that come hearty dishes, many of them part of the traditional Dutch cuisine. One of those dishes is "erwtensoep" or split pea soup. Very popular as soon as the temperature start to drop. Easy to make, although you need to take your time for it.

300 grams of dried split peas
450 grams of frozen green peas
1 leek
1 big carrot
3 laurel leaves
3 cubes of beef stock
1 smoked sausage

Dissolve the stock cubes in some warm water. Bring about 2L of water to a boil and add in the stock, laurel leaves and split peas. Let this cook on low heat for about 30 minutes.
Next, slice up the sausage, carrot & leek and add this to the soup. Again, let it cook for about 60 minutes.
Last, add the green peas and heat for another 10 minutes. Serve and enjoy!