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Whole30 2014 - Day 19

We're getting closer to the single digits! Also learned that the first day after the Whole30 is a 40th birthday
party, so this will be interesting on the re-introduction side of things...

We kicked off today with eggs, bacon, spinach and some fruit & nuts. With that, we both also had a glass of hot water with lemon & ginger in it. According to this post, it has a lot of beneficial qualities.

On top of the spinach, I added a tsp of MCT Oil.

For some reason, my blood sugar dropped quite a bit around noon, which hardly ever happens. perhaps I should've added more fat to my first meal, I will try that tomorrow.
Second meal was stir-fried broccoli & chocolate chili (no picture) and about 2/3 of a Nakd bar.
Did feel like I could eat more, but decided to eat a proper pre-workout meal (snack); the rest of the Nakd bar, coconut chips and a boiled egg.

Post-workout, I had a banana and about 70 grams of egg-whites.

We both had the feeling of having a bit of a red meat overkill lately, so we decided to make a big pan of stir-fried veggies, so it would also leave enough to bring for lunches the next day.

Topped with a fried egg and some almond butter on the side., it was simple, yet delicious

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