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The Paleo Diet Bar: a closer look

The growth in the Paleo market has been huge this past year, with new products and companies popping up left & right every month.
One of these newbies started in October of 2013, by a couple from Fort Collins, CO. Todd & Shauna are the masterminds behind the The Paleo DietTM Bar, a protein bar made with 100% paleo ingredients. In fact, this bar is even backed up by one of the world's leading experts in the paleo diet, Dr. Loren Cordain.

Natural ingredients are at the foundation of The Paleo DietTM Bar, rich in high-quality protein sources. Some brands cut corners, but The Paleo DietTM Bar is breaking limits and going the extra mile to blend a perfect balance of nutrients to promote health and wellness. 

Of course we were very curious about what this bar would taste like, and got our hands on both flavors:

- Cinnamon Raisin (nutrition info)
- Cranberry Almond (nutrition info)

Both bars contain 17 grams of protein (from egg-whites) and have around 300 calories.
As with most paleo bars, the base is made from almonds and dates, which makes it quite high in sugars (about 22 grams)

The taste test

Both bars have a chewy texture, they are more solid than most almond/date based bars. The Cranberry Almond is drier than the Cinnamon Raisin, but not too dry.
It is a bit hard to distinguish the 2 bars from each other by smell, but the cranberry is more tart.

Sugar content - The sugar content is high, because the base is from dried fruit. This is yet again a paleo bar based on dates and nuts, which you see very often.
Nuts - If you have an allergy to nuts, these bars are not for you.

100% Paleo - There are a lot of protein bars that claim to be paleo, but aren't. These bars are made with ingredients that are.
Protein - The protein content is quite good, and levels up with regular protein bars.

To conclude, they are a good tasting, high protein bar that fall into the 100% paleo category. And they run 2 interesting specials to try:

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