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Product Review: The Primal Kitchen Bar

Founded in late 2013, The Primal Kitchen is a UK based company that produces fruit & nut bars that are made with 100% paleo ingredients.

We can safely say that the paleo movement has now swept the entire globe, with a big jump in Google trends since 2012:

Search term: paleo diet

So, it's no surprise that business is booming, and this was the perfect moment for founder Suzie Walker to kick things into a higher gear with her company The Primal Kitchen.

Now, fruit & nuts bars aren't newcomers to the paleo snack scene, so in order to stand out a little, you have to, well, stand out.

The ingredients are 100% grain free, dairy free, free of refined sugars and vegetable oils.
The bars come in 3 flavours:

- Almond & Cashew
- Brazil Nut & Cherry
- Coconut & Macadamia

In all honesty, when I opened up the first bar, I expected yet another slab of dates stuffed with nuts and coconut oil.
This is simply what a "paleo bar" is like these days, since dates are the perfect glue to keep it all together.

But this time, it was different. These barse are light, almost fluffy, not too crazy sweet and also the perfect size! It was truly refreshing to taste a bar that has basically the same ingredients as other bars on the market, but yet gives a very different taste experience.

If I would have to pick a favourite, it would be the Brazil Nut & Cherry. Quite interesting, since cherries aren't a personal preference at all.

All bars have around 200 calories and 17 grams of sugar, putting them into that perfect spot of not too filling and sugary, but they are perfect for snack in between meals or with your coffee.
* On another note: since the ingredients are also free of sulphites, they are ok to have on the Whole30 as well.

Where to buy?

Buy them online in the webshop, and plans are being made to expand into the United States in 2015.

To "wrap" it up

In my humble opinion, The Primal Kitchen Bar manages to stand out in the end by having a unique texture and taste, something the paleo world was waiting for!

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