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White vs Sweet Potato

You may have already heard the news, but if you haven't, here it is: the potato is finally out of paleo jail.

Not quite sure why it got in there in the first place, but most likely it has something to do with the fact that the potato is often consumed in a fried way, like fries or crisps.
When the folks at Whole30 published the new guideline on the good 'ol spud, this caused a bit of commotion in paleo land.

But if you look closely at it's nutritional profile, you'll see that a potato actually quite rich in nutrients.
Actually, when taking the sweet potato in consideration, it's actually safe to say that the white potato deserves just as much credit for nutrient content!

So let's compare the 2 and see how they stand (based on 100 grams)


White potato
Sweet potato

Stating the obvious: Sweet potato is the clear winner in the vitamin A department, but white potato brings in a fair amount of lutein & folate.

One study showed that the combination of vitamin A and lutein slowed the loss of vision, in this case with patiens suffering from retinitis pigmentosa.


White potato
Sweet potato

What white potato lacks in calcium, it makes up again in phosphorus, which also plays a role in bone growth and soft tissue support.

Both are a good source of magnesium & potassium, which can prevent muscle cramps, something that happens often to people switching over to the paleo diet.
It also happened to me in the very beginning, since these minerals are found in a lot of foods that considered non-paleo, like grains and legumes.

To conclude

The white potato (but also other variations) is a nutrient dense, whole food, that got a bad rep because of how it's often prepared, but actually is a healthy addition to a diet high in variety (the keyword here!) So adding it onto the menu every now and then, is totally fine.

The ways to prepare are endless; baked (in some coconut oil), cooked, mashed, boiled...So enjoy!

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