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Sweet Potato Fries

Most strict Paleotarians will avoid white potatoes like the plague, but as far as I can tell, the paleo jury has never been really out on the verdict whether they are ok or not on the paleo diet. As you know, I really like Mark Sisson's opinion on things, and according to one of his posts, there isn't really a final word on this. In the end, he leaves it up to the individual to decide, but if you're looking to lose weight or fix your insulin resistance, you might want to stay away from these suckers tucked underground.
Either way, this post also indicates that they are not the worst choice you can make, but all in moderation of course!

However, sweet potatoes have a better reputation in the paleo community, and since the whole30 they have been a welcome addition to our menu as well.
The reason why they are more accepted, is because they are not part of the nightshade family and the white potato is, and if you are sensitive to nightshades, sweet potato would be a better choice. But again, if you want to lose some pounds, keep it to a minimum.

There are many things you can do with sweet potato, although in some cases it can't replace the white potato, since they are much sweeter, but you can for example, make sweet potato fries. 

First, wash the potatoes well with cold water.
Next, cut them into fries or wedges. Fill up a big bowl of water with a few ice cubes in it.
Rinse the cut potato, then place them in the ice water for about 15-20 mins.
Heat up a wok pan (in my case) and fill it with oil, best options are coconut oil or beef tallow.
I used beef tallow, or as it's called here "ossewit" (blanc de boeuf)
You'll know if the oil is hot enough when you see it crinkle on the surface.
Take the fries out the water and pat them dry with a paper towel. Put a small handful in the oil, putting too much in will cool the oil too much.
Let them cook for about 5 mins (or until brown) When they're done, transfer to a bowl lined with paper towel. Some ideas to sprinkle on top:
salt, pepper, chili powder, cinnamon, wasabi salt, cumin, ginger.....

Make sure you eat them the Dutch way: with mayonnaise!


P.S. Source for Ossewit in The Netherlands.

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