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Whole30: Reintroduction Dairy & Alcohol

Valentine's Day butternut squash lasagna
So after last weekend, I took it easy all week and ate whole30 again, but from Thursday on, I had a few small reintroductions, of which 1 specific food group. On Valentine's day, I cooked a nice compliant dinner, but we had a few glasses of white wine, which we both really enjoyed.
Had a small piece of darkish chocolate (60%) but the amount of dairy in that was fairly small. Friday was another very compliant day, only a few glasses of white wine in the evening.

Friday's breakfast

Woke up quite ok on Saturday, and the first bigger serving of dairy came in a cappuccino, and had a small bite of Roquefort cheese in a store sample.
Enjoyed some wine with a friend at home that night, made a compliant dinner with some dark chocolate afterwards. 
Later on, had a few handfuls of home made popcorn (with coconut oil) during a movie.

Friday's lamb sausages & kapunata
Saturday's breakfast

Sunday started with a great compliant breakfast, then had a crossfit training.

Saturday's lamb burger & sweet potato fries

Sunday night's dessert

Family came over for dinner, we made an almost compliant meal; anti-pasti for starter, grilled beef tagliata for main and coconut milk panna cotta for dessert.
Had again a few glasses of wine as well.

So overall, things went pretty good, had quite a few days in a row with glasses of wine, but didn't really have more than 3-4 glasses each time.
The dairy wasn't a lot each serving and as far as I can tell, didn't really cause a reaction. Personally, I have no desire reintroducing grains & non-
But to say that I feel great, well, not really.
The wine makes me more sluggish in the morning for sure, the energetic feeling upon waking up is not there anymore and it bothers us a bit. Also feel more bloated. To be continued....

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