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Whole30: Day 34 Reintroduction part 2

"Don't be an idiot like me"

The day after our first little introduction, we woke up a bit more groggy than usual, but not too bad. Made reservations to go out for breakfast, had just a little bit of coconut milk, dried fruit & nuts at home.

We went to Little Collins, a brunch & dinner cafe with a great menu & Melbourne style coffee :-) 
I ordered their Little Collins' big one and asked to leave the bread out. 

Home made fennel sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, spinach, mushrooms & some baked beans.

It was great to have a cappuccino again, but I wasn't blown away, guess I didn't miss it that much after all!

Had some dark chocolate at home, but was actually surprised that I didn't enjoy it as much, even though it's one of my favorites.

The afternoon was quite spontaneous, a friend was in town and dropped by our house, and later 2 more friends popped in, making it a great afternoon with plentiful snacks and drinks.
Being Dutch, means cheese, lots of cheese and in so many variations, it will blow you away! 

So out came a platter of some old cheese, so old it has actual salt crystals in it, if you ever happen to visit, make sure you get some. Together with our favorite champagne, it was a real treat.

Then the whole30 train not only derailed, but crashed into the whole30 station taking everything in it's path.

More drinks, more cheese, more snacks and then the idea to go to an Italian restaurant for dinner. This place has fabulous wood fired pizza, antipasti & desserts. We personally think it's one of the best pizza places in Amsterdam.
So of course I went for the pizza 
7 Follie (all meat toppings) and to top things off, the panna cotta for dessert.

Crashed into bed early, only to be woken up at about 4.30 am by a terrible feeling. What happened next can only be described as a horror movie, starring me on the toilet. My body made sure all the food left the scene quickly, using both ends (TMI, sorry!)
Felt awful all Sunday, the fresh, clean & energetic feeling I have been experiencing this whole time during whole30 was erased in 1 single afternoon/evening.

The stupidest thing of course not listening to the gradual reintroduction advice, 
and the amounts of food consumed in a small time frame. Also, since I've had both dairy and wheat at the same time, it's hard to determine what my body hated most, but I'm pretty sure it hates me for sure!

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