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Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Chicken

What's better than regular chicken? Chicken wrapped in bacon. I don't want to sound like someone that wraps bacon around anything and calls it paleo, but I have to say, the world is a better place thanks to bacon.

However, when picking your bacon, make sure you get the good kind. This is a challenge, since probably over 90% of the bacon sold everywhere is full of preservatives, hormones & antibiotics.
More on bacon in this post, and for a good online source of bacon, go here.

This following recipe is simple, just let the oven do the work for you!

8 boneless chicken thighs
8 slices of bacon
slices jalapeño peppers
optional: slices of Gouda cheese

Use boneless chicken thighs, since they can be easily folded open and stuffed.
Fill the thigh with jalapeño peppers, add some cheese (optional)
Close them and wrap a slice of bacon around them. Bake in the oven at 180C (350F) for about 30 mins.

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