Google+ Cave Food Kitchen: Whole30 2014 - Day 15

Whole30 2014 - Day 15

After today we're really half-way, and today I did have a few cravings (have to admit it!) but was able to
pass them up quick.
Started the day with the old-school bacon, eggs, spinach & apple and I added 2 slices of the dairy-free cheese I made before. Not quite compliant, but I wasn't looking for a cheese substitute, I was simply curious what it would taste like (nice)

Did my workout, then had the usual 1/2 cup of egg-whites and a banana post-workout.

The next meal was the left-over cinnamon beef, with broccoli & sweet potato.

Before dinner I got a little hungry, so had some nuts and slices of meat.

Dinner was the Char Siu recipe from the cookbook Well Fed, and it came out nice, although I used a different cooking method than described.

Served on top of carrot-zucchini noodles and a side salad.

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