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Whole30: Day 16

"Our experiences so far"

I guess being half-way is a good time to look back see what has been happening thus-far, right? According to the timeline, the "worst" is over, and the next part will be smooth sailing!
This still can be different per person, since we're not all a-like, but the majority should be doing ok now.
What are the experiences in our house-hold? Well, 2 people make for 2 types of experiences.
For myself, a small summary: (and quite similar to the timeline)

  • First few days were a struggle, was very aware of what I couldn't have/do
  • Days 3 & 4 was feeling very emotional
  • Days 5,6 & 7; very tired, slept a bit restless
  • From then on, energy went way up, workouts went fantastic, no cravings, great mood.
  • Sleeping better, deeper

Our first meal of today was again the breakfast casserole, with 1/2 an avocado and a side of fruit (apple, kiwi, berrymix & coconut milk) Since this challenge i've really started to appreciate adding fruit into my meals, instead of separate.

Next meal was quite late, at 2 pm and was almost the same as yesterday; the stew, left-over kale & a small salad. 

No snacking in the afternoon, I simply wasn't hungry. Did a small workout at home, then started dinner, but also wanted to test a recipe that had popped in my head earlier that day; "sweet & sauerkraut"
I have had 3 packets of sauerkraut in my fridge for ages, and it was time to put it to use.

1 packet of sauerkraut
125 grams of lardons
1 onion, chopped
all spice
black pepper
2 tbsp raisins
1 apple, cubed

Cook the bacon and onion together until brown, then add the sauerkraut and spices. Let it simmer for about 10 mins, last add the apple and raisins, mix well. I want to use this as a breakfast addition, trying it tomorrow!

Also, I asked my better half what the experiences were like so far:

Did you have expectations?
Didn't want to have any, so I could get into it with an open mind.

When did you notice change?
Was already a bit sick (flu-ish) in the beginning, but it felt like the absence of dairy made it easier to recover. First few days, I was very hungry by 11 am, that went away after a while. On day 10, I noticed my hair got oily, and I got skin breakouts on my face. On days 10-12, I was very short-fused and grumpy. Also felt like I got a stronger body odor.

Any cravings?
Yes, on day 11, I was craving Vegemite, on the night of day 14 I dreamed about chocolate and during the day I craved pasta. Still crave a bit sweet after dinner. Chocolate...

Sleep better?
Not sure, but I wake up easier. That's a big change (not a morning person)

Any other comments?
Found it a bit challenging to have just 3 meals a day and no snacking/grazing. Perhaps my sense of smell got better, I've noticed some food smells in my office. 
My nose is less stuffy than usual, even while it's so cold outside.

Another wrap-up will be at the end!

Dinner was a selection of vegetables baked in the oven: pumpkin, beets, onion, fennel, carrot & garlic. Served with a pepper steak and a salad.

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