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Whole30: Day 17

"Some useful tips"

Since I started the Whole30 blog, I've gotten various comments and responses from people that are just getting started or who are at some stage of it already. A few things that really helped us, might be helpful to others, and even though some sound pretty logical, putting it into action can be a whole different ballgame.
  • Do your research - this sounds lame, but is really important. Understand what the Whole30 is about and why, and read the manifestos about which foods to avoid. If you understand why, it's a lot easier to make the commitment. And of course, the book "It starts with food". All info is also listed here
  • Sign up for the forum - Right here.
  • Pinterest - if you don't have an account yet, get one. Here's why.
  • Prepare the "house" - especially if you're coming off a standard diet, you'll probably need to clean out your pantry, kitchen, etc. from foods that are not compliant. If this is too much to handle, consider this introduction guide before you really start.
  • Stock up - make sure you have enough compliant foods stocked, like coconut milk, nuts, canned fish, oils, etc. Get fresh produce, meats, fish, so your fridge is ready too.
  • Plan ahead - what really helps us, is to plan the meals for the week. We have a little white-board on which we jot down our meal ideas. This also is helpful for your shopping list, you never buy too much or run out this way.
  • Cook extra - when cooking dinner, we make enough left-overs to take for lunch the next day. After dinner, immediately prep your lunches to avoid stressing in the morning.
  • Don't make it complicated - you don't have to be Gordon Ramsay to do this, keep your meals simple, avoid creating extra stress by trying to cook a Michelin star meal every day. Perhaps use weekends for experimenting or when you have more time.
  • No assumptions - meaning; read labels, don't assume a food is compliant without checking. Even we discovered a few surprises on the way, had we checked better, that wouldn't have happened. Some ingredients can have tricky nicknames.
  • No failing - if you do make a mistake, you didn't fail the "whole30 exam", pick up where you left off, and learn from it.
  • No cheats - this sounds childish, but allowing cheats, defeats the whole purpose of the program. In case you have trouble with cravings, read this.
  • There is never a good time - there will always be birthdays, other social events, big problems, small problems, weather, bills to pay, etc. Start now. And it doesn't have to be a Monday or a first of the month. Any day is as good as another.
  • Have meals - not breakfast, lunch or dinner. This gives you more freedom with your choices of food. 
  • Partner up - if you can, find a buddy or see if the entire household can join in. Support is the best help!
  • Have fun - you are making a positive change, to a healthier, better you. How cool is that?
The list got a bit longer than expected, and I'm sure I could come up with more, but this certainly helped us!

The day got started with a simple favorite, eggs, bacon, sweet potato, apple, berries & coconut milk. I tried the sauerkraut as a side, and it was actually really tasty! For the next few days I will lay off the nuts a bit, it's easy to overeat certain foods, might also leave coconut milk alone for a while, since I have had it pretty much everyday.

Next meal, I had some of the grilled 
vegetables from yesterday and the
casserole. After I took the picture, I decided to add some shredded coconut to it as well. 

When I came home, I wanted to give the sesame-garlic nori chips from Well Fed a try, unfortunately I didn't have sesame oil, but used olive oil instead. They came out perfect!

Then a delicious stir-fry with onion, garlic, ginger, carrots, broccoli, belle peppers, mushrooms, chicken, bean sprouts, chili & cashews. All credit to my so :-)
This is one of our favorite dishes, easy to make and wholesome.

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